Review by Travis Johnson Survival Instructor of Northwest Survival School


I have been in the outdoor industry for well over 25 years instructing and recommending products to my students. I have tried several different gloves and never have found a more useful glove than the TRUTAJ.

demo glove 3

These gloves are durable, lightweight, comfortable and above all affordable. If you need to have the ability to use a touch screen either on a cell phone, Camera, Compass or on a GPS these gloves are perfect for that. I noted that when I hike using these gloves I could easily snap a photograph of a animal without having to remove the gloves and risk missing the photo opportunity which is a important part to hiking and capturing the beauty in nature.

demo glove 2

I will be recommending these gloves to all my students and anyone else seeking a quality glove for hiking or any other outdoor activity. I will be ordering many of these gloves to provide to my students to use while training. As a Survival School Instructor there are so many skills that require you to have the dexterity in your finger and hands not be compromised by wearing a constricting glove. Thus making these gloves a safe investment to all. These gloves get a definite thumbs up in my book of gear. (recommended by a professional)

Below I am going to list the (PRO’S) and the (CON’S) of these gloves.
Equipment type: Gloves (TRUTAJ)
Color: (Blue)

• Extremely Durable
• Did not snag when navigating through dense vegetation
• When wet the gloves maintain their grip
• light weight and takes up very little room in your pack
• High quality materials: waffle style Nitrite for the grip you need and a comfortable Nylon liner offering you breathable non-sweating hands
• Adjustable finger cuffs for a custom fit to any hand
• Long lasting wear protection
• Can use your phone, Camera, GPS or other devices without removing the gloves
• No dexterity loss in fingers or hand
• Very good grip so you will not drop your expensive devices or gear
• Washing is easy (machine washable)
• Very fast shipping
• Easy ordering from their website
• Designed in the USA

• Wish I knew about these gloves sooner enough said!
• Honestly I found nothing negative (No Con’s found)

Travis Johnson
Senior Survival Skills Instructor
Northwest Survival School
Spokane, Washington