Darryl Abrahms imagined that the open index fingertip design could be applied to many applications in order to provide comfort, protection and better grip while using tools and mobile, touchscreen and keyboard input devices.

He did more reseach to determin whether he should adapt the gloves in any other way. He typed into Google: “What fingers are used most frequently for mobile devices?”

One of the answers returned said that the thumb is the “power digit” because in many cases it enables a user to operate a device with one hand. . They decided to incorporate an open thumb into the design to enhance usability and dexterity.

Edward Tenner, a science historian for the Smithsonian Institution who has spent time thinking about the interaction between hand and machine. Dr. Tenner notes that research shows the thumb does half the overall work of the hand. But its typing prowess has emerged only with text messaging and cellphone usage.

With that information, the TRUTAJ design evolved.